Our Life


My days usually have their own ups and downs, surprises and sometimes just total calmness….well, not really with a 6 year old inventive boy and a 4 year old super creative, super energetic girl.
I usually do my (quiet time which involves time to pray, read my Bible and my daily table talk) usually before my babies show up to snuggle in my bed as soon as their daddy leaves for work.
I spend my days teaching our babies,wiping bottoms, cooking and meal planning,doing laundry, sometimes running to the grocery store as well as getting in some reading as desired. Well, those are only the hands on chores. Now like most typical mothers, i also spend my days worrying about alot of little things that i have no control over instead of letting all be under God’s control for it already is.
My days are a roller coaster and i am very thankful to God for them. And i do pray that God will continue to give me a thankful spirit for the rolls He has given as a Wife and Mother. My desire is to honor Him daily even when i feel like i constantly fail miserably.



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