Our Life


Being homeschoolers, we kinda have our own school year schedule and in our case it’s an all year round thing with some descent breaks as needed. Our babies have progressed alot in the past year with their school and we are exited to have started our new school year today with a pre-k and 1st grader. We are looking forward to helping our babies as they continue to learn different things. Last year for our now 6 year old we solely used the Heart of Dakota curriculum. We loved parts of it but not Singapore math. So this year we did get some books from their curriculum and also added the 1st grade Saxon Math. As of today, it seems perfect even though our 6 year old seems to be ahead(which is a bonus).
This year, we will continue to focus on reading, writing, math and critical thinking for our 6 year old 1st grader.


For our little pre-k, we will focus numbers and letters, Reading to her as much as possible, cutting and pasting, tracing as well as coloring(lots of coloring because she loves to color).
But all in all, we pray that God will continue to humble our hearts as we lead and teach our babies.









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