Our Life


That Phrase…”God is good all the time”…i have said out so many countless times even when i have felt almost out of breathe from not knowing what to think of it at my lowest. But yes even at our lowest, he knows us,sees us and truly understands our pain.
A few weeks ago my sweet friend told me that she was expecting her second child.This was very exiting for she had asked us(her bible study group) to pray with her months before about their( her and her husband’s) desire to have another child. We prayed with them and watched her endure alot even when she tried to hide it with a sweet smile.
Well, this morning another friend called to tell me that our friend had lost her precious baby. My heart sunk, my knees felt weak, i wanted to scream out loud, i wept for my friend and her loss and i wanted to justify feeling angry but i was reminded of God’s grace, His love for my friend, her family and for us all. 1Peter5:6-7, Psalm86:15, Ephesians2:4-5, Romans8:18 and of course His will in our lives 1Thessalonians5:16-19.

And now am thinking, what do i say to my friend for i have never lost a child, how do i love her, will anything i say make sense?…..i don’t know. But i know for sure that God is good and pray that my friend will grow even deeper in her understanding of God’s love…..,i pray that i will continue to understand God’s love, His Will, His Grace. I know i will love her the best i know how as a friend.

Please pray for my friend, pray for her family and pray for God’s love and Grace.

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