Our Life


So on june 25 i turned 30…i guess it’s official that am an adult now. As much as i know that it is just a number, that hasn’t stopped me from feeling like a 13 year old who has no clue how teenagers carry themselves…as in figuring out if they are babies anymore or not.
Don’t get me wrong, i know for sure that am an adult given the fact that am now 30 to start with, married with 2 children;6 and 4. So i have tested adulthood waters so to say. But regardless, i have found myself caught up in confusion on how to carry myself with questions like; do 30 year olds sneak into the juniors when shopping?, do 30 year olds have to be very well composed when chatting with people, can a 30 year old still laugh so loud when a girlfriend says something worth rolling into the ground for(something so silly) and on and on……
But, just like everything else am very confident that everything will fall in place along the way.
Thankful to God for the gift of life,good health, a sweet husband, 2 beautiful babies, my wonderful friends and extended family


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