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Father’s day

Being a father is not just relaxing when your wife is experiencing morning sickness, it’s actually offering to help clean up the mess she made….guess why?….because that child she is carrying is equally your responsibility.
Being a father is not about sitting in the waiting room at the hospital waiting to be told you are a father and later enjoying that cigar!….it is about holding that woman’s hand as she labors to have your child even if she may not want you to say a word at the moment.
Being a father is not about snoring and pulling your blanket tight in the middle of the night but offering to stay up as your woman nurses(breast feeds) your baby even though all you have to do is  sit and watch patiently.
Being a father does not mean just taking out those diapers to the trash but actually helping with those diaper changes and enjoying the bonding moments with your child that comes with it(as said by my hubby whenever he did that and yes he pretty much changed most of our kids’ diapers).
Being a father is not being immune to your kids bath time, it’s actually helping with the baths.
Being a father is not about being a lion in the den(home) but being the kind of man that is worth imitating.
Being a father does not mean being allergic to getting down and playing…..it is actually about all the play time you can get in with your kid/kids.
It is being able to guide, direct, say No! when you need to, pray for your kids just as much as their mama does, love and kiss on your babies (yes it’s okay to be emotional with your kids too) and it is not being afraid of failing!!!!!

To the fathers that have embraced fatherhood, happy father’s day and to my special man the father of my babies, happy father’s day and i know i have been blessed and so have our kids and to our own fathers, happy fathers’ day .















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