Our Life


Yesterday morning my little guy(our son) came to my room at around 6:45am with a big old grin on his face, holding $2 from the tooth fairy for a tooth he had lost the night before. “Mommy, the tooth fairy left me $2 and am going to finally take you on a date and pay for it!” he said with so much pride and confidence.
Everything always seems possible in a child’s mind, everything is that simple and straight forward, there is nothing between lines and there is no need to search for answers beyond the obvious.
That sweet naivety, that gentleness of the heart, that lightness of their spirit, that open hand of seeing the small as big and even worth sharing, the longing to give others comfort. That, i love about a child’s mind.
This though i believe comes as a way for my little guy to try and redeem himself after he took mommy on a date a few months ago and asked me to pay for our dinner because he had “forgotten his wallet”. This was so sweet and being a mother of tears, i just cried!!
To my son, i long to hold onto this mind of yours, i long to see you continue with this soft and warm heart that i have seen in the last 6 years, i long for the purity of a “CHILD’S MIND” even as you grow in age.
I love you to the moon and back and much more son.


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