7 years of Loving

We met, got married and yesterday was seven years!. Marriage is about self sacrifice so we continue to learn, giving up and giving in, nurturing each other, forgiveness, letting go and welcoming, honesty even when it has to hurt(pure truth in all its nakedness), gentility, understanding, togetherness, willingness and i could go on and on.
Michael my love, i love that we have learned alot together and still continue to do so. I love that you love me so much and leave me no room for me to feel unloved. I love that you hold me and kiss me and make me feel safe and wanted. I love that you continue to see the good in me. I love that you are patient with me. I love that you need me . I love that you listen to me(regardless of how much i talk). I love that you protect me. I love that you make me feel like the most beautiful woman that ever lived. I love that you let me love you so deeply and never allow me to hold back. I love the fact that you are mine
Thank you for being mine my love .









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