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Crazy fun vacation

We went on a one week vacation back to South West Texas(Fort Davis) to be specific and it was very well worth the drive. This is where my hubby and i first lived when we got married, had our first child and had alot of life’s lessons as well.
We used to have a love/hate relationship with this place given the fact that it was a very quiet but some times too quiet of a place for a young married couple(both in our early 20s), beautiful mountains but boy did we get to see some rattle snakes then!!, cute little small town grocery stores with a selection that pushed us into driving three hours away for groceries and then of course diapers once the little one came along. Now don’t get me wrong because am not complaining about how bad this place was. It was beautiful and still is but it was a give and take kinda of situation.

Papa Steve
Our very good friend Steve/papa to our kids was awesome!. We have known Steve for year(9 years for my hubby and 7 years for me) and to us he is the perfect description of true friendship. We can always count on Steve. And he is very patient, gentle and kind to the kids. They pretty much did not want to leave Papa Steve’s house(We stayed with him the entire time)

Also got to see two of my very favorite friends. Vero….it was good seeing you and your little girl and Betty, am thankful to have you for a friend. Thank you again for the delicious South African dinner and of course the kids’ gifts and our snacking goodies. Love the home made chocolate…yum. Can’t wait to taste the watermelon jam and the relish. OK am saying too much…you just have to come visit us so i can go on and on about all the goodies

Despite going back memory lane, we got some very much needed rest and relaxation. Life has been super crazy lately(and of course the noise that comes with it…..hate that) so it was really nice to just take walks in the woods, have no cell reception and get to enjoy my hubby and kids at a very slow pace for a couple of days.

Fort Davis
McDonald Observatory

Handsome Dude


Why do donkeys have tails???


Passing the time on Dr Seuss (His Favorite)




PaPa Steve


Happy Tourists 😉


Mommy and her man.






Hobby Eberly Telescope in the background.




Local Wildlife right at your front door!!!







This is a historical house built in the 20s for this facility by the CCC. Also because we lived in it when we first got married














Vero and Cindy (they said no parking not standing)  😉



You cant beat that view




Wild Rose Pass





Our Little Momma


Leaving traffic, cell phone reception and stress behind.

2 thoughts on “Crazy fun vacation

  1. Some nice pictures. Everyone looks so happy. They are always smiling. You have a wonderful family.

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