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The power of the tongue

Proverbs 18:21 “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat it’s fruits”
When we speak out words, we tend not to instantly think of the consequences but the truth is, it may not be death but our words  can surely destroy relationships that have been, could have been and more.
Relationships(mainly family) are the biggest culprits of our words. It takes wisdom and tact to know how to use words for the benefit of ourselves and those around us, especially when we are very different and our differences cause alot of friction.
Yes, most of the time i like to throw words back when words have been thrown at me but then i realize crushing some one’s heart when they have crushed mine with their words is not the right thing to do nor does scripture call me to do that. In fact it tells me the very extreme opposite……
To forgive and love and love and just keep loving.  It doesn’t seem fair does it?, but it is what God call me/us to do and we ought to do just that! even when it hurts and seems like climbing an endless mountain.
I pray that i will keep seeking to use my tongue to build and not destroy, to encourage and not discourage and so should you.
To parents, we can build our children through the power of our words. And some times it may just be the way we choose to phrase them out even with the same exact intent or meaning…..For instance, choosing to lower my voice in a moment when i would rather scream at my children, asking my children to forgive me when i know i seek for their forgiveness(not staying too proud to ask for their forgiveness) and more

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