Our Life


Susan McMillan
You fall in love the second you find out they are growing in you,
Your prayers begin with them,
Your thoughts and worries start with them,
You count your blessing starting with them,
You are so sure that they are your dream come true!
You will still smile after a long day of exhaustion by them,
You know you love them even when you say NO!
You read them like a book and they will never be able to hide how they are feeling because you see it in their eyes,
You know they count on your love for a life time…….

Happy mothers’ day to all mothers out there!
It is a blessing to be a mother and i know that motherhood is nothing one can explain but only a feeling that lingers in our hearts as soon as we experience it. Today i celebrate my own motherhood and also appreciate the many women that have given me a glimpse of a mother’s love through out my life. I count myself blessed because of all of you women. I know that i will never know what could have been between my mother and I, but i know that God is faithful to continue walking me through the emptiness of not having a mother. A mother’s love is forever and i still believe that even if all i have is a picture of my mama to look at.
And to my children, i pray that God will continue to guide me to be the best mother that i can be to you. I love you and i know that is for a life time.


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