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I found this blog last year and I had to keep following it so our family could pray for Kara and her family.  She battled breast cancer since 2012 and passed on today. We rejoice even in her death because even pain did not keep her from trusting God’s deep love for her and her family. She rejoiced in the Lord, she lived even when she posted about her pain and fears.
Today I hurt for her little children who will not have their mother but the Lord will fill that gap. Having been through that loss at a very young age myself, I know how deep that loss can feel in different seasons of ones life. The desire to call your mommy and just talk, the desire to have that girl talk, the wishful imaginations of her hugs and more that only one’s mother can do. My prayer is that Kara’s babies will grow to lean on Christ in those empty moments and He will give them Joy


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