Our Life


  • It’s been a very long week filled with different emotions but we are still thankful for the gift of life and our little family.
  • Texas;We have called Texas home for a long time or should i say all of our married life. We love Texas and can’t imagine a better place to raise our family. Why do we love Texas?…..because it is Texas and there is no other like it!!!
  • Thankful for my Bible  study lady friends. This group of women that i met in 2011 has been all the friends any woman would ask for. I know i can count on them for direction, spiritual encouragement, emotional support, big ears to listen to me complain, celebrate, cry and laugh and much more. With them, it’s just a group of very supportive women.
  • Again, our babies. I see pure love through our children, trust of them believing that my hubby and i can safely take care of them and their soft “I LOVE YOUS”………. These just melt my heart into tears. At this point they pretty much always expect mommy to cry as soon as they say those sweet word. They will stare at me just waiting to see my smile turn into tears. And to me, that is ok!














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