Our Life


  • Thankful for the rain that sounds so beautiful when am seated here drinking a cup of tea and not having to walk in it.
  • Thankful for unlike minded people from whom iam pushed to look at things differently
  • Thankful for roses and chocolate even though others would oppose
  • Thankful that am a woman
  • Thankful that after what seems like decades since her passing, i can still carry the memory of my sweet mother that i never got to see.
  • Thankful for God’s Grace towards me. He died so i could live.And through Him i am made perfect even with all of my imperfections
  • Thankful for the Psalm…..i can learn to pray with the focus on Christ and not myself. After all, am created for Him not me.
  • Thankful for the ability to forgive which has freed my heart of the kind of bitterness that burns like fire. I know it’s only God that has brought a softness to my heart that i could have never had or wanted to have. I forgive and will forgive again. I have been forgiven and i know i will still be forgiven


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