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detox/daily health routine

OK, am not gonna say am a health guru,nutritionist or dietitian but i know a good health routine from experience of a bad one verses a good one. Well, first off i was diagnosed with liver cancer four years ago and ended up getting a liver resection to remove a 20 centimeter cancerous tumor that i carried around during pregnancy with our second child. Yes i said pregnancy because we found out 5 days after she was born that i had been carrying this humongest(if that’s a word) tumor throughout.
Enough about my ongoing misery story…..am now healthy and have chosen to keep my body healthy through simple things that can be done at home even on a tight schedule for some of you.
Here are a few things to keep that body free of toxins;

  • Water(drink lots of water and mainly first thing in the morning before breakfast)
  • Apple cider vinegar water(1tbs diluted with an 8oz glass of water.We tend to drink this first thing in the morning as well or any time during the day. But you can do more vinegar if your stomach can take it)
  • Cucumber(eat lots of that humble fruit/veggie. It helps with the alkalinity of your body. So eat these babies as much as possible. And am not saying go toss them in a bunch of mayo or any of that crazy stuff to “add flavor”. Just wash the cucumber peel them if you want ,dice and eat as a snack or side dish to your meals
  • Drinking herbal tea( green tea,dandelion tea,turmeric tea and Moringa tea are our main ones at our house)
  • Herbal supplements(Milk thistle,turmeric,oil of oregano,cranberry,beet,dandelion in addition to your daily supplements like the multi,Cs charcoal and on and on according to your preference
  • Raw foods(obviously this would imply lots of veggies that you can consume in form of smoothies, juice or as is. We do all the above depending on how we feel but things like Kale, broccoli, turmeric,cabbage, avocados,onions, garlic, arugula, spinach
  • Seed consumption( We mainly do pumpkin seeds,sunflower seeds,sesame and chia seeds)
  • Fermented things(We do kombucha on a regular basis and fermented cabbage)
  • Of course above all,try to move your body as much as possible and also eliminating sugar and refined foods a much as possible.

BIG NO NO FOR OUR HOUSE HOLD………..NO SODAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Intake of healthy things will be in vain if we continue to poison our bodies.

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