Our Life

Feeling thankful still……

Being Friday, that in it’s self is a reason to be thankful. We love Fridays around our house(company for dinner,lots of play,movie night,snacking and the list goes on).
We are thankful for a beautiful snow day and the ability to still enjoy each other after being stranded at the house all day…..yap, i don’t do well indoors. But, good movies,hot tea/hot cocoa for our babies make it all worth it.
Thankful for the gift of love (selfless love) in our marriage that we continue to see as years go by. I love you Michael to the moon and back and much bigger than my heart can tell.
Thankful for good appetites. Yap! that too. Take you back in 2011 after my Chemotherapy, i had no appetite at all and i remember thinking of how nice it would be to have my appetite back so i could enjoy all the lovely fruits,veggies and more. Now i do have that appetite and yes i ought to be thankful for it……my family too. We love to grocery shop,cook and eat good healthy food. Even our babies are on board with that.
Thankful for this moment. Right now, there is someone that has lost life,some one who has lost hope and the list goes on and on. So the fact that i can breathe in it’s self is a gift that i am grateful for.
The list goes on and i hope that y’all will continue to be thankful for even the little things in your lives. Have a blessed weekend

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