Our Life


This morning i spent what was supposed to be my Bible time just thinking of  the very many things i am thankful for but never acknowledge them on a daily basis. The little things in life that i would not want to live without, the things that make my heart smile at a glance.
Today, i hope i can start finding and acknowledging all the little things and sure be thankful for them.

  1. Life; I am thankful for the gift of life and the fact that i am part of today and all that is in it.
  2. health; I am thankful for the good health that God has granted me and my family and also the ability to encourage somebody that may be having a bad day with their health.
  3. My husband;am thankful for my lovely husband, his love,kindness,patience,leadership and on and on
  4. Our babies; I am a parent because of these 2 little ones and i know they make my world full of flowers and more flowers everyday even with days that i just drop down tired by the end of the day. I am very thankful for them…..my bundles of joy
  5. Friends; My beautiful friends who love on me even when am the grumpiest and push me in moments when i just want to stop. I am thankful
  6. Carnations; Am thankful for this beautiful flower!…..they make me smile and i know i can stare at them all year round and still remain amazed at how gracefully they stand.
  7. Music; I am thankful for music…..i can get lost in it when i feel the need for a moment.
  8. Pen and paper;am thankful for those two little two objects that i know i would pick if i were to be stuck on an island. With pen and paper,i can talk to anybody, i can dream, i can talk to my babies 30 years from now …..

My list goes on and on and i hope to continue to mention all the things that am thankful for in a future post

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