Our Life


It has been a very long year and this moment we have been looking forward to for our small family of 4. We get to do nothing(yes nothing…relax, rest, eat, watch movies, play dolls and legos).
As we all celebrate this christmas season, i pray that we will be reminded of what it truly means to man kind. God’s love for us and His amazing Grace that surrounds us every moment of our lives.
This year feels even better because our children seem to grasp the fact that  Christmas is not their birthday nor is it all about what gifts we receive but the Birth of Christ our savior . Never the less, we get to give or rather share gifts to extend the fact that we love,care and are thinking of one another  during this season.
Looking forward to a restful time  and warmth as we remind each other that we are not alone…..we stand together and strong .
Happy holidays to my babies an wonderful Husband.

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