Our Life

Words can damage

If you stay silent, then I will never know what you think of me and honestly I don’t care even though I may suspect what your judgment of me could be. I don’t care because you don’t matter or rather your opinion of me doesn’t at all. On the other hand, saying out loud what your heart has wanted to say and trying to disguise it with a apologies is just tacky and wrong.
I am who I know God created me to be and I don’t need any human being’s approval to know that and keep being proud of me.
Am a daughter of the full sun…..African to her purest and am very proud of that.
Please don’t take my silence for naivety……I have a brain to reason, think, perform and know when one treats me like less of a human being than they are. May be you should look in a mirror and determine if u are superior………..I doubt you are.
Dear diary, today I have broken down from a long time of silence and I hope I can start a new day today.

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