Our Life

MRI 2014

This past Friday i went in for my annual MRI and as usually it went pretty bad…..the pain of being poked several times before the nurses could find a good vein to start the IV for the contrast that is a problem to me in its self.
Over all, had a rough weekend this a sick stomach from trying to detox all the MRI dye(contrast). Here i am again feeling so grateful to God for the gift of life and his Grace towards me and my family. He has continued to bless us in many ways;our marriage, our babies, a great job and wonderful friends. We can not thank you all enough who have continued to pray for my health in the past almost 4 years filled with worry and pain some times.
To my wonderful hubby, I love you and thank you for walking with me everyday even when i have felt like giving up on alot of things. Love u my sweet Michael to the moon and back and over again and again.

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