Our Life


I lost my mother at the age of 3 and very quickly started a journey of hurt! so much hurt that only God could and has healed my pain. From that time, i only dreamed of how beautiful a mother’s love must feel. I knew i could never get my mother back neither would she ever be around to comfort me when i needed her but that did not keep me from dreaming of being a mother some day and getting to experience that bond(mother/child) bond. Yes that was my biggest dream of them all and am thankful to God that i am now living it.
Being able to celebrate birthdays,cook for my babies,do their little dirty laundry, answer silly questions like “mommy is this underwear dirty?” to wiping bottoms and on and on is living my dream.
Don’t get me wrong,i love reading and enjoy being wife and all the duties that come along with it as well. But if i were to die today,i would die a very content and happy girl because i know i have lived and continue to live what once used to be only a dream.
And to my babies;Gary and Michele, Mommy loves you to the moon and back!!!!!!!! and beyond.

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