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Staying silent for traditional values!

Every day i get to read two of Uganda’s leading news papers online and every time am left deep in pain for the young children,mostly girls who are constantly being molested. Tradition has covered up so much pain in most of the girls in Uganda or may i say Africa….but i can only speak for Uganda because i was born and raised there.
Young girls are raped every day and the most painful fact is that it is their close families; fathers,brothers,uncles,grandfathers. But because tradition forbids girls to express themselves or speak out against males who are in those leading roles in their families,all these girl are left in pain and feeling worthless for the rest of their lives.
When one speaks out,then that is considered as being very disrespectful to the elders and of course to the general society, the blame goes right back to the girl and also slims their chances of ever getting married as well as chances of being banished from family.
I strongly believe that if tradition can not value one as a human being, then it’s not worth keeping….
How long can a girl child stay silent?
How long can these rapists/monsters go on to destroy little girls lives?
How long can this pain go on?
I can feel the pain,I can see the unseen tears,who else does?
And what are traditional values?

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