Our Life

potty training week and homeschooling

This past weekend we decided it was time to get going on potty training our 3 year old who for some reason never seems to be bothered by wet diapers or the number 2 if any one can guess what am saying. It is cute though watching our little Chele determined to use the big girl toilet and get her underwear back on without help. And as of today, i have released that she wants to prove to me that she is a big girl and will do it all on her own….well, i think i like that or do I?
As for my baby boy(5), we have been working on his reading and i must say it’s going great!. We are reading Dr.Seuss book ” Hop On Pop” and it’s pretty much helping him affirm his phonics and introduce him to rhymes as well as short sentence reading and identification of words and spelling. Gary loves,loves this book and every morning he looks forward to school time so he can read to mommy.
We are hoping to start with a “Heart of Dakota” curriculum at the end of this month with the books that we have already purchased( for ages 5-7). We know that Gary is still little to start on real strict school material but he very much wants to learn, so we plan on working with him through out this school year with the help of these books as we have fun still and allow him to still be a little boy.

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