Our Life

Just for my Man!!!!!

Being a mother to a little girl intimidates me some time and i find my self so caught up in trying to set the perfect example for her when it comes to modesty. But one thing i keep reminding my self as well, is that i have a hubby to dress up for in things that i know he would like to see me in.
Well, not forgetting am 29 and caught up in wardrobe confusion; well, am too old to wear that or am too young to wear that either?????? and most of the time i end up in clothes my hubby just wishes did not exist or he could make vanish
So my sweet love, here we go…..i got these just for you and am sure they are age appropriate. Question is, would i want my daughter to wear some thing just for her husband one day?    you bet i would……when she is grown and married, i will bless her to do just that.


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