Our Life


This weekend the 7th of June six years ago i married the love of my life. I love this man and it’s that simple.I can be selfish and list all that he means to me and has been in the past six years but i know it’s not all about me receiving from him but also giving to him and i pray and hope that i have. My Michael has been alot and to mention a few of those; loving, kind, understanding, compassionate, patient….. very, very patient with me even on days when i know i could not be patient with my self, my very best friend, provider, wonderful father to our children, leader and not forgetting……….he has been and is a REAL MAN!…My very own man.
I love you so much Michael and yes i would marry you again and again and i would not take back what we have as husband and wife.
Thank you for loving me and continuing to believe in me even at times when i refuse to believe in my self……..
You are all mine and every day i feel blessed to call you MINE!!!!!!

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