Our Life


5 years ago on the day of my baby shower that i was very much looking forward to mainly because of the cake,our little man decided he had to show up(that meant i had to miss my own shower and of course no cake that day). Well,don’t get me wrong….i was going to make sure i got a piece spared for me(call me crazy but that was my only request to the ladies right before i was rushed to the hospital).
Twelve hours later after very painful labor,we had to have our baby boy by Cesarian Section. He was the most beautiful thing i had ever laid my eyes on…..and he was all mine.
That day was very special;a reminder of God’s love for my husband and i,a step into fragile responsibility.
We pray that you will grow to love and honor God all the days of your life.

P.S. I got my cake a few days later. We left the hospital and picked it up at a friend’s house on our way home down a very,very bumpy road. Bad idea after Cesarian Section but at least i got my cake

Drag Racing for his Birthday @ North Star Drag way





Most Handsome boy on Earth!!!


Love these Guys




Practice makes perfect! 😉


Million Dollar Smile






Love at first sight. Nana is in love. 😉




Baby Gary

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