Our Life


I hope most of you out there are not experiencing the same kind of weather like we are here in North Tx. Seriously, this weather has some bad attitude….ahh,really bad!!!!!!! it’s in the 80s one day and 30s in the next.Yea it really sucks and am about done with it.
Well,i wouldn’t be so mad if it didn’t leave my household sick!…..we haven’t been sick in a while but this weather got us this time.
Besides all the sicknesses,we are always ready to attack it all with our crazy home treatments and they happen to work pretty well. Below are a few things that work well for us;

  • Water Water Water; Lime water, Coconut water and just plain old Water Water. Staying Hydrated is super important and helps break down the mucus build up during the sick times.
  • Beet juice. it is an excellent anti-inflammatory and helps reduce the swelling in the nasal cavity during cold season.
  • Lots of rest. Sleep as much as you can. The body does the best healing while you are resting and the deeper you are sleeping the better for recovery.
  •  Good Food. Eating a balenced diet and eleminating sugar which weakens the immune system will have a profound effect in recovery.
  • Vitamins. during this time we triple up vitamin C, D3, and omega 3 intact and it has noticeable effects.

Hope these help anyone that is suffering this year and is sick and tired of the OTC meds that don’t seem to work for us.

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