Our Life


Yesterday i prayed and dreamt of holding you in my arms
my little child
Before long you are here right where i wan t you to be
my little child
I hold you so tight because you are so precious …..my diamond,
my little child
I watch you gaze at me in search for love….that am gonna give to you for a life time
my little child
I hold my heart out to you my child…..wishing wishes as high as the stars
my little child
I keep my hands wide open so i can catch all the stars there is to catch for you
my little child
Just close your eyes into slumber my little child and i will be here when you raise
my little child.

I have a journal that i keep short little tales or you can even call them poems or perhaps my feelings for my children every night we put them in bed.I know every parent out there looks at their baby or may be now grown girl or boy and just has endless wishes for them.You have all these thoughts that you may not describe or say out loud.
Well,i chose to write down exactly how i feel and dated in my little journal just for them to always know that my love has been and will always be present.Gary and Michele,i love you so much and i know i am the luckiest mommy in the whole world because you are mine.

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