Our Life


Tonight has been one of those nights that is just what i personally define as being a parent.Not worryng about all the little things at the expence of spending time with the childrren.Nothing mattered tonight but them. Playing exactly what they wanted to play,running around the house and just be silly. I must say from what i could tell,thats all they needed/need as children;Undivided attention(no cell phone,nocomputer…non of those crazy electronic or even magazine or book in my case hanging around).
Gary and Michele ,am so honored,blessed and thankful to God to be your mother.Every day i know i wanna be a better person for you my babies.
-I want to always walk with you through prayer and my presence in this life(some thing that i have done from the time i concieved you both)
-I want to remain/be a mother that listens
-I want to be more patient and kind to you
-I want to be a mother that understands you
-I want to be a mother that makes our house a true home for both of you
and it goes on and on………………………I pray that God will continue to mould me into the mother that both of you need.

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