Our Life


It came too fast in my opinion….may be it’s bse am a mother of 2 little ones that seem to be growing way faster than every body’s. Am i  right or does every other mother feel that way about their babies?
Well,am happy that its a new year and yet another adventure with my family as we live one day at a time to it’s fullest.
So far,our almost 5 year old is completely out of pull ups(even night time one)…….did i just say5? yes i did and the mother in me is scared to pieces with this fact but at the same time exited.To my hubby and i,the pull up thing is a great success to more savings…yeeeeha!,one down and one to go.Trust me,the next one(our almost 3 Tinkabell the name she has recently picked) is not interested in the whole big girl potty training thing.She does not mind a wet daiper or the other one as well….yep!.
We will even ask if she is ready for a daiper change and her answer is always “NO THANK YOU”
Just living in the moment i guess.

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