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I am African from Uganda East Africa and i will always be so proud to call Africa my home land. I grew up hearing and eventually learned about Nelson Mandela in school and i must say i was left amazed at this man. He fought racism with his entire self and nothing was going to stop him;but in the midst of all that,he acknowledged that either black or white,everybody has their strengths as well as weaknesses for we are all human.He was tortured and put in prison for 27 years but chose to forgive when he was released.All he wanted was to focus on a better Africa or you can even say a better world where a black person was not afraid to be seen with a white person and otherwise.
Mandela passed on last weak and i must say i feel great loss for Africa and the world as a whole.I always wanted to follow my heart and not what anybody thought in the matters of love and here i am happily married to the love of my life who is not of the same race and i never even notice that for we are both humans loved and created by God.

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