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Beautiful exhaustion!

I am finally turning in for the day and i must say i am very exhausted.It’s the beautiful kind of exhaustion though…at least that’s what i believe.And if you were to ask me to narrate my day,it would start with wiping bottoms and end the same way! amazing!!!!!.
I remember when we had our first child,wiping bottoms was not for me,so i thought and i pretty much would call my sweet husband to see if he could rush home for that operation (lived 5 min from work) and now though the smell is not the most pleasant as most of you would agree with me,i enjoy wiping my kids’ bottoms.To me it’s something i know will never be again,a bond between me and my child seeing how much they trust me to take care of them.
Yes of course i spend my days teaching our children as well as cooking;i try to feed them freshly cooked meals every day and i take pleasure in doing so.
To my children Gary and Michele,i love you to the depth of my heart and i pray that i can be the best mother to both of you as you grow.And seeing you grow again and again makes me believe that i want to be a mother and housewife when i grow up;your mother as well as wife to your father who i know adores me to pieces.

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