Our Kitchen


We all have alot to be thankful for this year;the gift of life, health, family, friends, daily provision and so many other things that at times we may fail to notice or rather appreciate. For our family, thanksgiving is a time of reflection from how far the Lord has brought us……..oh yea, it’s been along way and for that we are so thankful.Our little babies have grown so much in the last year and have been pretty much healthy all year and we know we can not ask for any better.
My sweet hubby got a new job(very good one) this year as an engineering contractor,some thing we had desired for for a while but were very scared to dunk our feet into it and i must say,i have watched him grow spiritually,as husband and father to our children and again i am so thankful to God for that.
As for me,i have felt pushed against the wall and brought to a place where i know i have needed to be in order to trust God more and i am very thankful to God for that season of my life.Through my recent MRI scan,there has been no indication of CANCER……yes again we are very thankful to God for that
Ohh,we have been loved by alot of friends in so many different ways and still are thankful to God for those friends.
And i know the list goes on and on and i you’ll will take some time to reflect on the things in your life that you are thankful for this year.





  1. That turkey looks so good. I can never get mine that dark without drying it out, what’s your secret?

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