Our Life

A mother’s heart for her child

Every morning i wake up and pour my heart out to God for my children.Their love for him as they grow,their health,wisdom,their safety……..and a lot more.You know,in my simple human mind i have had fears for my babies from the first time i held them,i only wished for the best! but i know it’s only God that can give that and not me.I pray that i can still the best mother to them;a listener,guiding them,understand them when no one else does,correct them and just love them as much as i can.But i know,a mother’s heart for her child stretches so wide more than even a mother her self can imagine.I say that because i see and feel it every day with my children even in my word per word to God for them.And to my children,I love you so much Gary and Michele and i thank God for the blessing of being your mother.I believe pray for our children is very important and i hope and pray that all you mothers out there will continue to pray for your children even after they are out on their own.

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