Our Life


They called her “the devil”, “that girl”, “that animal”…mention it for she never smiled back at anybody.You have probably seen her before,walked past her on one of your leisure walks,waved at her thinking you were waving at one of the human being but she did not wave back.Perhaps you have driven right past her on that dusty road on her way to buy groceries since she did not have any extra penny to get the bus.
You should have seen the hurt in her little shiny eyes.She can stand the kind of pain a 30 year old widow thinks is the worst she has ever gone through,the kind that has broken a 90 year old grandma who has just buried her last grandson.Yes all that pain is nothing compared to what she has been through for her age.
She has has hurt since the day she was born;you want to know why? well,her father was drunk the day she was born…so she really wasn’t anything special to him but she was her mother’s world,yes she was.But before long,she lost her beloved mother at the age of 3.That was the beginning of a new long season of life to that girl
Don’t let me tell it all because you should have seen that little soul so lost as she began a whole new life of  “HURT”;yes i said hurt because that is all it was and nothing else left in her life.
Afew months after her mother was burried,her father decided he was in love again….yap! a man gotta have a wife right????? sure he married that woman
At the age of 4,she could have passed for a mother of 5 since she did all the house work around her father’s house including taking care of the ”new mother’s” baby.Yes that girl hurt.
Her life blazed to a living hell when a step uncle started sexually molesting her at the age of 4 until she was old enough to realize that she could stop the abuse ,ohhh she hurt.By then,scars had already been made and had turned her into an angry young girl……you should have seen that girl.

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