Our Life


The past few weeks have been moments of growth and realization in our lives;learning to depend and trust in God more.Getting to places where we have had to surrender and let God lead us.But i must say God has been so great and that we can never forget.He has continuously provided for our family,granted us good health,given us the gift of deep love in our marriage and with our children.Couldn’t have it any better than that.
As the holiday season begins,we hope everybody will focus on what really matters.Yes what really matter….and that is our family,friends and the people around us that need us.Love on them. As for me,being able to love on my family and friends is what i look forward to during this time of the year.To let them know that i love them,pray for them and how much they mean to me.
To my wonderful husband again,i look forward to creating more memories this holiday season through laughter,hugs,kisses,our children and many more things.I love you Michael and thank you for loving me to the depth and being my best friend.
And to babies,am so proud to be your mommy and boy am i not loving the whole growing thing.Y’all are growing way too fast but am lucky to be part of it all every single day since both of you are with me 24/7.

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