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The past few months were really stressful for me and honestly at some point i thought my heart would just stop beating because of the panic i had.
Am so happy to finally say it out loud that my health is great according to the Doc after the reviewing of my MRI images and for that i am so thankful to God.
I feel like dancing,screaming or should i say just enjoying the peace of mind that is coming with not having to worry about the re occurrence of Liver cancer in my body……..it really feels great.
You know,i have seen and heard people joke around “cancer” and honestly that’s ignorance in my opinion bse the cancer walk……i mean any form of cancer is alot!;heavy,painful,tiring and in would never wish it on anybody.And i my personal experience,one can nt really understand that journey until you,family or friend has been there.

One thought on “HEALTHY AND KICKIN’

  1. I am glad that you made it through okay. It amazes me sometimes how insensitive some people can be, they don’t think before they talk.

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