Our Life


Honestly,i have been so amazed at how busy we can get and even forget to give a second of our time to our neighbours.Yes i mean,our family, some one sick,the neighbour next door whose name we probably don’t even know,a pregnant mother that could probably use some help if only we could offer,an elderly person in a nursing home whose day we could make by just holding their hand for a few minutes or spending a few dollars on flowers for them.Yep! we are probably gonna spend that money on a coffee any ways,right? and don’t forget this applies to your own family in your home alot because so often we tend to love or take care of every one else but our immediate family.
I will tell you how much loved some one feels when someone takes a few minutes of their time to give to them.Two and a half years ago when i was going through A CANCER dilemma,the fact that my family and other people  and i mean strangers i had never even met before came to visit me at the hospital,made meals for my family and believe it or not took me to my doctors’ appointments just changed me completely.I felt loved and really loved.I knew then that i was definitely not walking that rough and lonely journey by my self.And i will tell you this,my wonderful husband didn’t get busy on me….he spent every second with me.I would close my eyes to sleep and wake up to his beautiful smile in that hospital room…yes i was loved and indeed felt loved.
And of course if you have an angel for a mother in law like i do………hmm,they are gonna love you until you are drunken of it.My beautiful mother in law gave me and my family all the time she had.She literally mothered our brand new baby then as well as the 2 yr old,drove to and from the hospital and to this day i know i will never thank her enough because i felt completely loved like never before.


  • Pray for some one sick without a name
  • Make a meal for some one sick or just had a baby…trust me it will be a blessing
  • Take a boutique of flowers to a nursing home
  • Go introduce your self to your neighbour
  • Have a nothing is going on evening with your family(no texting, no Internet surfing,just relax and enjoy one another…….you can watch a silly movie or home videos and just laugh
  • Let some one know you love them(your child,your spouse,your parents,grandparents,siblings)

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