Our Life


There are so many ways to describe love for different people in our lives,but right now i would like to talk about “a mother child love”.
I know how it feels because i have felt it from the time i found out i was pregnat with each of my children.I have been so in love with my little babies that at times it’s hard to put it in simple words of love.When they are hurting my heart aches wishing i could hurt for them instead,when i see them smile or lost in laughter…. my heart over flows with joy.
I am in love with my children and i have never doubted that it is true love at its finest!
My little girl is not feeling good today and my heart aches and all i want is that little grin from her and to hear her little voice asking for a drink like she always does.I hope you get feeling better little mama of mine and mommy loves you beyond the skies

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