Our Life


I recall the day i first saw my sweet Michael……..the big silly grin i got on my face just at a glance of him.My heart beat so fast bse it was love at first sight……he was irresistably handsome and that smile was just too much for me.I was always a very proud girl and thought that i could never be easly swept off my feet by any guy…..it was different with my Michael.
Remember that comment that almost every parent tells their adult child?, “YOU WILL KNOW WHEN THE RIGHT PERSON COMES ALONG”.As a young dult,i always thought that comment was some kind of joke or fantasy that wasn’t reality.Well,i now know that they were right because on meeting my Michael,i knew he was the one for me………and honestly as weired as it may sound,he could have asked me to marry him the next day after we met and my answer would have been YES!
I love you honey and thank you for loving me through all the good and the bad days .Am very proud to be your wife and to have you as the father of our children.

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