Our Life


This week is a celebration of motherhood with our children and mothers.Yes we all have or are a mother figure in our lives as women…….am a mother of two beautiful children and i know i have celebrated motherhood from the day i found out i was pregnant with our first child.Instantly,i felt like a mother and already my world changed. Not just for the mere fact that i was carrying a baby,because i was about to give to some one that which i have always wished for…”A MOTHER”.
I lost my mother when i was 3 and now am thankful to God for that because i believe he allowed it to happen for his glory…….however with that being said,i still hurt to this day when i have moments that i wish my mommy were here to share with me.
Motherhood has and still is teaching me unconditional love that i ought to give to others besides my self,patience,grace,kindness……u name it and i am so thankful to God for breaking me and shaping me into the woman he wants me to be through motherhood. Am so glad he has called me to be a wife and MOTHER!
Keep Psalm 9:1-2 @ heart.

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