Our Life


Yes i pray for my husband every day because i love him.We were in our early 20s when we got married and i remember thinking to my self……”what in the world are we doing?”In my young and naive mind at the time,i thought one had to be more adult than their early 20s to be responsible enough to have a family of their own.But i thank God that although my husband was young then,he had a very mature heart and mind.Five years down the road,two children,different houses,different jobs,life threatening sicknesses,tears,laughter,we have stood by each others side and trusted the lord to rise us.
Now today my sweet husband is in an all day meeting with his new job and it feels like sending off your baby for their first day of school.All dressed up in his khaki pants,button up shirt and a tie…….hah hah!not his favorite but i think he looks really cute in them.I love you my sweet love and i hope you will continue to honor God through this job and be a blessing to all your bosses and co-workers just like you are to me and our kids.

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