Our Life

Life is still happening

Yea…..it has been about everything in our household.Being sick with this up and down weather,kids growing;3-4 and 1-2 and with that comes alot of stuff that are new to my husband and i.Some times i wish God had given us a user’s manual with flow charts on how to raise children……i love to read and i would have it all down.Any ways,all am trying to say is parenting is a challenge and we have just had to get on our knees and ask for guidance from God.
On the other hand,we would not change being parents for anything.I love being a stay at home mom as my husband goes to work to provide for our family…it’s taught and is still  teaching me alot about myself; my sinful nature that comes with impatience,pride and selfishness…..yea,those moments when i just want to make it all about me.
But all in all,we are thankful to God for the gift of life.

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