Our Life


We all know that life comes with alot of pain and hurt but there are still so many good things that happen to us.Of course many of us for some reason choose to put alot of focus on the negative or rather the pain,hurt..you name it that has made life unbearable for you. Personally i have had alot of pain in my past and then let it control my present….ignored the fact that God is ready to carry on my pain if i surrender and i don’t even have to do a thing more.
On that note,so many good things have happened and keep happening in my life and for that,am very thankful to God.The gift of salvation through his grace,life,an amazing husband,my wonderful children,friends and extended family.The fact that i can still breath is alot in its self…..,able to talk,walk,feel,see…all those things and so,let us learn to appreciate the simple things that we have in life that most of the time we tend to ignore or not even notice.
It doesn’t do me or you any good to hold on the negative…….how about we try focusing on the positive?

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