Our Life


It’s encouraging to always know that God has already won our battle and we don’t have to fight…..well,in our human nature we sometimes think that we ought to fight still.I love the fact that all i have to do is just let him take my burdens;the pain,sorrow,brokenness,hurt….he is my father and i am his child.
A few minutes ago i felt God’s grace when i was saying a prayer and asked my almost 4yrs old and 22months old to repeat it,my little 22ms old said,”come come jedus for u gess” when i asked them to say,”thank you Jesus for your grace” and i just felt so much joy in my heart.
Loving God with all their hearts pretty much sums up my prayer for my children through out life….that’s all i desire for them.
My week’s vs has been Matthew 11:25-30

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