Our Life


To my husband i have always thought of myself as the greatest lover.Thought i could possibly love him until he was drunken with my love….hmm i was so wrong because he does it better.Yes my husband has loved me to a point of surrender,he shows and lets me know when he rises,i hear it agin when he is at work and when he returns,i can just see it in his eyes and there is no doubt am his love
Well,he is been busy with work this week ,which is a 30min commute from our house.But to my surprise, today he decided to drive all the way back home so hw could have lunch with me and the kids.Thank you so much my love.Not only did he come home for lunch but with roses and chocolate cake for me…..hmm.I am speechless about this man.But all i can say is that his love for me constantly reminds me of God’s Grace towards me.I love you so much my sweet love and i can’t wait to see you when you get home.

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