Our Life


Hey friends………..where do i start now,hmmmmm well,we have just been so sick  from colds,bronchitis and sore throats that don’t seem to get any better even after all the crazy antibiotics.My poor husband ……well,he has been sick since before thanks giving and believe it or not,he is still sick.I hate seeing him in pain,he is my baby and i just want him as comfortable as possible.
Enough of the sickness,i know a bunch of people out there are probably in the same shoes as we are with the “season”. This week we will be traveling to Farmington,NM to be with our beloved parents through the holidays and i just can not wait to start packing.I can already see the road that takes us there,the big open windows when we are sitting in the living room,the talking,laughing,dogs barking.We are so exited!

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