Our Life


How do you deny the joy of parenthood even though there are so many challenges,tough days…yea i mean some of those days when you think you may literrally loose your mind or in my case i  could pass for an older lady who hs already rised a couple of kids.But you know what?, at the end of the day…..i find joy in the fact that i am a parent along with the most amazing man in the whole world.
They will make you tired,but then they hold your arm to take you to their room where they have made a mess and they are very proud of it…..i just smile and hold them so tight bse of that sweet innocence and the fact that they know you love them.This just happen to me this morning.
You will spend time in the kitchen fixing a meal so they can enjoy it,i know you probably get really exhausted bse i do….but hearing them say “mommy,that is yummy” makes every second i spent in that kitchen so worth while.
We all look forward to watching them grow…..you know what,i think my babies can take all the time in the world bse i love it! and am so thankful to God that am part of their lives.

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