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The holidays are here and we all end up in total stress about this and that and forget to appreciate the fact that we still have the people we love the most in our lives.Husband,children,parents,grandparents,siblings,
nieces ,nephews plus friends.I have always had a weird thought every time holidays come around……”what if this is the last holiday i get to share with so and so?” of course i wanna love on them and let them feel it,i wanna just talk instead of running around shopping for “stuff”. I hope to be a more loving wife and pray that i will be what my husband needs for support as he heads our family.
Well,as a wife and going on my fifth year in marriage to my sweetheart here are some things that have been helpful and truly i have found myself in trouble every time i have neglected them;
-Finding grace in every mistake i make as a wife
-Giving more than i take(thinking of my husband before my self)
-Communicating about everything(silence doesn’t do any good although may seem like the best option at times)
-Always be thankful for what God has provided instead of being anxious for what he has not provided(find satisfaction in what you already have)God is gracious and will always provide for our needs .
-Love like there is no tomorrow
-Chose your words wisely for words are human’s greatest weapon(we may regret saying out certain things,but sure cant take them back).
How about you? what things have you found helpful as a wife,mother,daughter,friend,son,husband? just think about them and hopeful be able to keep them up or share with a friend.But……..please,please,please this holiday i hope you can love the people in your life more.Not through stuff but with your heart,hugs,sharing laughter,holding hands,telling them what they mean to you and most of all being thankful to and for them.

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