Our Life


-Only God can satisfy whatever it is you are searching for
-Indeede there will come a time when you will need some body for life
-You are going to loose friends but you will make some great ones
-Life is nothing like you imagine ,so quit day dreaming
-You will marry a real great guy(a special recipe by God just for you)
-It’s possible to love and respect him more,not bse you are just a woman but bse you love God and him as well
-Stop worrying too much about the future bse God is in control and not you
-Don’t fight with your big brother bse some day when you haven’t seen him for 5 years you will miss him(ALOT!)
-Sleep in as much as possible bse one day when you have been blessed with children,sleeping in will only be a fantasy
-Believe it when your parents say they love you bse you will tell your children over and over of how much you love them and you will mean it.

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