Our Life

Never taking life for granted

I woke up today with a lot of pain in my left hand leg and the first thing that came to my mind was a big “what if”……What if i had bone cancer????? ……ohhhhhhhh i hate mentioning that word.It seems to me that once one has been down that road even a cold makes you wonder or rather takes you back to that painful memory lane.I am a wife and mother of two,my desire is to raise my children,be there when they need me and most definatly i want to be with my sweet husband when he goes to get his first set of dentures….ha ha,well i guess we will both get a set since we are pretty much age-mates.(love you sweetheart)
I don’t like taking any single moment for granted bse that moment could always be my last.And if it is,i want it to be filled with so much laughter and love.
PS:Love and accept being loved,
Give happily without expecting to be repaid,
Forgive even when your heart says no,
Smile bse the fact that you are breathing is good enough reason to smile .


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